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English to Ilocano Translations

Events / OccasionsDagiti Pasken
What is the occasion?Ayan na ti okasyon?
Where is the event/party?Ayan na ti pakaangayan iti pasken?
What is going to happen?Ana ti mapasamak?
What time is it going to start?Ana nga oras nga agrugi?
Is there anything I could do to help?Adda mabalin ko nga maitulong?
What am I going to wear?Ana ti pagbadok?
Happy Birthday!Naimbag nga panagkasangay mo.
I have a present for you.Adda regalok kenka.
I have a surprise for you.Adda sorpresak kenka.
What is your wish for your birthday?Ana ti ar-arapaapem para ti panagkasangay mo?
Are you happy?Naragsak ka met laeng?
Merry Christmas!Naimbag a paskua!
Here are the carollers.Dagitoy dagitay agpaskua.
What are you going to prepare?Ana ti isaganam?
Too much foods.Adu ti makan.
Somebody died!Adda natay!
Who died?Sinno ti natay?
When is the memorial/ burial?Kaano ti punpon?
I am sorry for your loss.Makipagladingitak kadakayo.




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