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English to Ilocano Translations

We are going for a vacation to the Philippines.Mapan tayo agbakasyon diay Pilipinas.
When are we going to have our vacation?Kaano tayo nga mapan agbakasyon?
What are the good places to see in the Philippines?Ana dagiti napintas nga lugar diay Pilipinas?
How much is the fare?Mano ti plete?
What is the weather there?Ana ti panawen idiay?
Too hot!Napudot unay!
What are the things I am bringing?Ana dagiti ban-banag nga alaek?
How long is the travel to the Philippines?Kasano ti kabayag ti biyahe nga mapan Pilipinas?
Where is the embassy?Ayan na ti embassy?
Where will I ask?Ayan na ti pagdamagak?
Where is the airport?Ayan na ti airport?
I need help for my baggage.Kasapulak ti mangbagkat kadagitoy bagahek.
What hotel can you recommend?Ana ti hotel nga mai rekomendam?
Where is the rest room?Ayan na ti kasilya?
Where are we going?Papanan tayo?
We are going to the beach.Mapan tayo idiay igid ti baybay
Let us go to the market.Intayo idiay tiendaan.
Let us go to the beach.Intayo idiay igid ti baybay.
Let us go to the mountain.Intayo idiay turod.
Let us go to the farm.Intayo idiay tal talon.
Where is your house?Ayan na diay balay yo?
Where is the building?Ayan na diay pasdek?
Where are we?Ayan tayo?
What is the means of transportation to go there?Ana ti mabalin nga usaren nga lugan nga mapan idiay.
Is it far?Adayo?
Is it close?Asideg?
Too far!Adayo unay!
Very close!Nakaas asideg.
Are we turning right?Agpakannawan tayo?
Are we turning left?Agpakannigid tayo?
Are we going straight?Agderetso tayo?
What is close to your place?Ana ti asideg idiay yan yo?
How close?Asideg kadi?
How far?Adayo kadi?
I am tired.Nabannogak.
Let us go there early.Intayo idiay nga masapa.
Let us go faster.Alistuan tay ti mapan.
Let us rest for awhile.Aginana ta bassit.
What time are we leaving?Ana oras tayo nga tumalaw?
What time are we going to arrive there?Ana oras tayo nga sumangpet idiay?
Where can we buy drinks and foods?Ayan na ti paggatangan ti mainom ken makan?




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