Part 2 – The Engagement

The Evidence of True Love

– A True Love Story (Names were changed.)

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Love looks forward to a time like this.

Love looks forward to a lifetime commitment.

After we started dating, I returned to Denver and Kathlyn and I continued speaking all the time and having fun doing so.  Kathlyn was able to come over the summer to visit her parents in California and then come to visit Denver also.  We continued having great conversations and planning for my next trip to Toronto.  During this time I was very sure that Kathlyn was the woman I wanted to marry.  I started talking to many people about this idea, got a lot of great advice, and kept praying for guidance.  Again with a lot of great help from people in Toronto and the Philippines, a fun evening was planned.

I called Kathlyn’s parents and talked to her mother to let them know of my intentions.  She said that they approved and gave me their blessing.  That was a relief.  That may have been the most nervous I had ever been during a conversation.   That evening was a fun and interesting time.  With about eight other people we went out to a restaurant at which you order all of your food outside and then go into a completely dark room (no light at all).  All the waiters who work there are blind, so they are used to it, but for the rest of us, it was pretty challenging.  They led us single file into the room to be seated.  After we sat down, I realized I had no idea where Kathlyn was sitting or anyone else for that matter.  So with the help of some others, we figured out where she was sitting and switched seats so I would be able to sit close by.  I bumped into the waiter during the process and he didn’t seem too happy about it, but at least he wasn’t carrying anything yet.  Everybody had a lot of fun figuring out where our plates and glasses were on the table and how to eat our food in the dark.  One nice thing about fumbling around in the dark while eating was that nobody else could see what we were doing.  But I just have a feeling there is some infrared video out there somewhere of me eating with my face only about two inches from my plate.

Filipino Wedding

Love that is pure is bonded by God.

So at the end of dinner, I thanked everyone for going to dinner with us and told them if it wasn’t completely dark in the room they could see that I was getting down on one knee.  With a few people oohing and ahhing and me actually being on one knee, (not just saying I was) I proposed marriage to Kathlyn and her answer was yes.  That was a great answer to hear!  After that, we went back out into the light and some people took some flash photos of us, which is fun after being in complete darkness for two hours.  After that, we all went to a coffee shop and just talked for the rest of the night.  It was one of those unforgettable evenings for me, just feeling really great about it all and enjoying everyone’s company.


Since then, we have had fun and worked hard on planning our wedding and getting to know each other’s family more.  I met Kathlyn in California for Christmas and got to meet her parents and lots of her family there, and that was a really great time also.  Then we came back to Colorado and Kathlyn got to visit once more and meet lots more people here.

We got married.  We have challenges. We got a kid.  The last thing we know, we are still very much in love with each other and we will continue to explore life together and as a family.

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