15 Most Important Things to Bring for Your Travel to the Philippines

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things to bring to the philippines

  1. Mosquito Repellent

    – Mosquitos are known to spread diseases such as dengue or malaria in the Philippines.  In the Philippines, mosquito infestation can be serious when they spread mosquito-borne diseases through just one nasty bite.

  2. Sunblock

    You can find them in the Philippines’ market but some stores don’t carry them. Just grab a small one to get yourself on board for the most awaited adventure.

  3. Handheld Fan

    – Philippines’ weather is humid and hot all year round. You would love to cool off at any moment with a handy fan.

  4. Sunglasses

    – the Philippines has bright sunny days all year round and you would like to protect your eyes from getting stressed out. UV protective glasses are the best to have for your maximum protection.

  5. Umbrella or Hat

    Rainy days are expected during the months of May through November. But you may wonder why Filipinos always carry an umbrella with them even without the rain. A bit of shade from the sun will help you cool off and avoid sunburn.

  6. Swimsuits

    – Boracay’s type of swimmers is more liberated than other beaches in the Philippines. Swimmers in the area use all kinds of swimsuit that are available in the market.  You may be surprised that Filipino would wear more conservative swimsuits. A shirt and a short usually do the best for them.

  7. Portable Flashlight

    – There are frequent brownouts when there are typhoons but it can happen also anytime of the year.

  8. Flip flops or Walking Shoes

    People walk a lot. In Metro Manila, it is easier to walk for short distances than to drive because of heavy traffic. In the provinces, don’t expect public transportation to be always available.

  9. Portable Tent

    – You would love to hang out or explore the outdoors. If you would go for a trek, a  tent will do the job when caught somewhere without a place to stay overnight.

  10. Pocket Knife

    – This will help you with anything when you are in the forests or in some remote areas. Fruits are abundant in the Philippines. Mango, guava, soursop, papaya are just some of those that you can find anywhere and sometimes you can get them for free.  You need a knife to eat them fresh.  There is always something that you can find the knife useful.

  11. Light and Cotton Clothes

    – Philippines weather is hot and humid. You won’t like wearing bulky or satin clothes but, a light and cotton type of clothes will absorb sweat the best and brings you a cooler feeling.

  12. Your best Electronic Gadgets

    – (robots, phones, portable computers, drones or any cool electronic gadget) Filipinos are always entertained with what is new in technology. You will be surprised they have what you have.  They want to see what is the latest and they could use them with ease if not, they are the most curious to learn how to use them.

  13. Cash is most preferred for Shopping vs Credit/Debit Card

    – You would love to just carry your cards for safety reasons but, if you are going out of Manila, cash on hand is preferred. Most people in the Philippines use cash for their shopping and as a result, not too many stores even when in Manila accept credit or debit cards.  Reserve your credit or debit cards for shopping malls and hotels.  Some motels in the provinces can only accept cash also.

  14. Camera

    – Your phone is fine but then you want to reserve it for communication purposes because you would use it a lot. A separate camera would allow you to take not just pictures but the best shots you could keep forever. Interesting scenarios about the environment, people, lifestyle, and culture are always good to take.  Taking photos that are interesting regardless of how they look like for people will send a true message of what the Philippines looks like to your friends and families whom you will share your adventure and pictures afterward.

  15. Power Bank

    This is always great to carry with you when you go to remote places or anywhere in the Philippines. Hiking, Swimming, Diving, and Camping are the best to do when you go to the Philippines.  These activities bring you to places that may not be equipped with electrical outlets for charging your electronic gadgets.  If you find yourself in a remote area and you need your electronic gadget badly, then this little thing should be a lot of help.

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