What is Valentine’s Day for Filipinos?

What is valentine's day for may Filipinos?

Happy Valentine’s day in Tagalog: “Maligayang Araw ng mga Puso”

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Valentine’s day is perceived by “most” Filipinos as an event that is designed only for dating or married couples.  The line “Sino ang ka- Valentine mo? which means who is your Valentine date? –  is a popular question for many Filipinos.  But, do you know the word “corny”? It is how some Filipinos say it when they see or hear someone going on a date with their girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse on Valentine’s day.  It is a very bizarre comment when in fact many establishments and restaurants decorate for such an event.  It may be that word that comes out from their mouth but it is not the real thing in their heartI hope it is not a comment to shield their insecurity when they don’t get a date on Valentine’s day most especially if they are still single.  And for the person who gets a date on Valentine’s day from a special someone has a favorite pick up/ hugot line  “kilig to the bones” which means a romantic excitement.  Another thing is, Filipinos most especially the “guys” are not very expressive of their love – I hope I am not at war with you.  Sometimes it is the women that are more sentimental and sometimes feel neglected.  Regardless, if it is Filipino culture or not,  it’s cool and feels nice to be more open about what the event is for.  It is for couples, yes… but it should be for everyone to feel loved on Valentine’s dayThe mindset that we can go on a date with anyone that we want to express our love with.  Though we should make it happen that our loved ones, friends, neighbors or anyone in our lives feel love all the time then Valentine’s day should be the time to celebrate it. Won’t it be more FUN this way? Celebrate Valentine’s day and all year round LOVE with the following FUNNY T-shirts. Available at Discount prices.

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