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Our product line is a fusion of Asian – mainly Filipino trends, Tropical, and Novelty designs that are relevant to International culture, language, and trends. They are great for family and friends. Though each product is designed generally for anyone, each of them is uniquely designed with the mindset of what’s best for the person who wants to wear or any culturist who wants a great wear to communicate his or her culture, language and trending topics in a humorous and realistic way.

All products via Amazon are qualified for free shipping and PRIME members. You may avail free shipping on our Zazzle products. All Zazzle products are free to customize or personalize (change the text or graphics size any way you want). It is not in our control what displays alongside our products when directed to or

KDB Asian

A product line inspired by Filipino, Asian culture and language, Tropical trend.

KDB Novelty

A product line inspired by international trends and culture.

Filipino Hugot Lines - Products

See Product Selections A product line (shirts, wall art decors, home accessories, personal accessories) about the Filipino Culture and Language. All designs are free to customize.

customize these shirts with your own design

See Product Selections Create your own design. Do you need Filipino translations for your own design? – Avail our FREE Translations. We provide service for graphic design for a minimal fee. Send us your request.

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Why Hugot lines? These are unforgettable storylines, pick up lines, or they call it “Patama” in Tagalog, “Pasagid” in Ilocano (Filipino, Taglish-Combined Tagalog, and English Language; Popular English lines) of every Filipino’s heart or emotions engraved in the Filipino culture.

Filipinos are around the world. You can find us as one of your neighbors, a relative to your friends, a worker in the neighborhood, a co-worker of yours, just your personal sweet friend or one of your family members. We can agree that the richness of Filipino Culture and Language is known to all part of the world. Make this moment by picking something that you can show to anyone who is interested in the Filipino Culture and Language. It is the best thing you could give to a special someone to make her/his heart smile.

Zazzle products are free to customize with your own photos and texts. Do you want your own personal text in Filipino? Sure! We can only accommodate English-Tagalog-Ilocano translations. Submit your request for translation here.

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