Useful Filipino Phrases When Attending Occasions

English to Filipino Translation

Note:  Attending events in the Philippines is the best way to meet people who can be your potential friends. It is typical for Filipinos to prepare lots of foods in any occasion. Birthday parties are usually casuals. Other events will be discussed more on blogs here. Filipinos can be loud when meeting together, but it is who we are! We are just happy no matter what’s going on.

Events / OccasionsMga Pangyayari at mga Okasyon
What is the occasion?Ano ba ang okasyon?
Where is the event/party?Saan gaganapin ang okasyon?
What is going to happen?Ano ba ang mangyayari?
What time is it going to start?Anong oras mag-uumpisa?
Is there anything I could do to help?Mayroon ba akong puwedeng maitulong?
What am I going to wear?Ano ba ang gagamitin ko na damit?
Happy Birthday!Maligayang kaarawan!; Maligayang bati!
I have a present for you.Mayroon akong regalo sa iyo.
I have a surprise for you.Mayroon akong sorpresa sa iyo.
What is your wish for your birthday?Ano ba ang ninanais mo sa kaarawan mo?
Are you happy?Masaya ka ba?
Merry Christmas!Maligayang pasko!
Here are the carollers.Heto na ang mga namamasko.
What are you going to prepare?Ano ba ang ihahanda niyo?
Too much foods.Ang daming pagkain.
Somebody died!Mayroong namatay!
Who died?Sino ang namatay?
When is the memorial/ burial?Kailan ang libing?
I am sorry for your loss.Nakikiramay ako.




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