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  • Source Language – Filipino/Tagalog,  Ilocano,  English  only
  • Target Language –  Filipino/Tagalog,  Ilocano,  English  only

Source Language means the Language used in the TEXT you are going to submit. – Ang gamit na salita sa teksto na ipapadala mo.

Target Language means the Language you want the text that you are going to submit to be translated. – Sa anong salita namin isasalin ang ipapadala mo.


Source Language: Tagalog 

Text Submitted: Kailan ka uuwi?

Target Language: Ilocano

(Details above mean that you are submitting a Tagalog text which is the source language and it will be translated to Ilocano which is the Target Language).

Learn Filipino will get back to you first with a confirmation of your submission and at a later time (depending on translator’s availability) sends you the translation of your requested Target Language:

The Translation of  your submitted Tagalog text “Kailan ka uuwi?” to Ilocano is:

 Kaano ka nga agawid?

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