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Conversation with Family and Relatives – Ilocano

English to Ilocano Translations

Conversation with Family and Relatives Panag-sasarita ti pamilya wenno kabagian
How is your family?Kamusta ti pamilyam?
How is your mom/dad?Kamusta ni nanang/ tatang mo?
They are fine. Nasayaat da met.
He/She is fine.Nasayaat met isuna.
How is your studies?Kamusta ti panagbasam?
How old are you?Mano ti tawen mo?
I am 12 yrs old.Sangapulo ket dua ti tawen.
I love you.Ay ayaten ka.
I need help here.Kasapulak tulong ditoy.
Can you please help me.Mabalin nga tulungan nak bassit.
I hate what you said.Kagurak man dayta nga imbagam.
I like what is going on. Kayat ko ti maar aramid.
What am I going to cook?Ana ti lutuek?
I am going to cook.Kayat ko ti agluto.
Let us eat.Mangan tayon.
Our food is delicious.Nagimas toy makan.
Please feed our child.Pakisubom man dayta ubing.
Please pass the rice.Pakipasam man dayta inapoy.
I will clean the house.Dalusak daytoy balay.
I am going to water the plants.Sibugak dagiti mula.
I will take care of her.Taraknek isuna.
Get a bath.Inka agdigosen.
Your brother/sister is sick.Ni manong/manang mo ket masakit.
Bless, Grandma.Agmanoak man Lola.
What do you want to do today?Ana ti kayat mo nga aramiden itatta?
How do you feel?Ana ti mariknam?
I feel bad. / I feel upset.Malidayannak.
I am angry.Makaungetak.
I am sorry. / I regret. / Excuse meDispensaren nak.
Let us have fun!Agragsak tayo!
Did you have fun?Nagragsak ka met laeng?
Mag-ingat po kayo.Agan annad kayo.




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