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Money; Shopping; Eating Out – Ilocano

English to Ilocano Translations

Money; Shopping; Eating outKuwarta; Panaggatang; Pannangan ti Ruar
Where is the store?Ayan na ti tianggi?
Where will I change my money for a peso?Ayan ti mabalin nga pagpasukatan ti kuartak iti peso.
How much is the change for a dollar?Mano ti sukat ti dolyar?
Where am I going to buy this?Ayan na ti mabalin ko nga panggatangan daytoy?
How much?Mano ti bayad na?
It is expensive.Nangina.
It is cheap.Nalaka.
Wait!Aguray ka.
I have more money.Adda pay kuartak.
I don't have money anymore.Awan ti kuarta kon.
Wait for a moment, please. Aguray ka bassit.
How much am I paying for this?Mano ti bayadak kadaytoy?
Is there a discount?Adda tawar na?
How much is the price for this?Mano ti bayad na daytoy?
This is my pay.Daytoy ti bayad ko.
Where is the closest restaurant?Ayan na ti asideg a panganan?
Can I order a _____(item to order)?Mabalin agorder kadaytoy?
Can I have a napkin please?Mabalin dumawat ti pagpunas?
Can I have a water please?Mabalin dumawat ti danum?
Thank you.Agyamanak.
Where is the rest room?Ayan na ti kasilya?



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