Questions in Ilocano

English to Ilocano Translations

why? apay?
do you?; will you?kayat mo?
can I? will I?mabalinak?
can you?; will you?mabalin mo?; mabalin yo?
are you; is he?; is she?kadi?
ExamplesMga halimbawa
How are you going to do this?Kasano nga aramidem daytoy?
When are you going to visit me?Kaano nga umay nak bisitaen?
Where are you going?Ayanna papanam?
What is your name?Ana ti nagan mo?
Why are you sad?Apay nga naliday ka?
Do you want to come with me?Kayat mo ti sumurot kanyak?
Will you come? (mabalin)Mabalin nga umay ka?
Will you come? (kayat)Kayat mo ti sumurot?
Will you stop doing that?Mabalin nga isardeng mo dayta?
Can I come?Mabalin ti sumurot?
Can you come?Mabalin mo ti sumurot?
Are you going to celebrate your birthday?Selebraram kadi iti pinagkasangay mo?
Is he awake?Siririing kadi isuna?
Is she nervous?Agner-nerbiyos kadi isuna?



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