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VerbsMga Pandiwa 
Past / Present / Future
accepted; accept; will acceptInawat; aw-awaten; awatek to
added; add; will addinnayon; inay-nayon; inayon to
admitted; admit; will admitinakseptar ko; akseptarek; akseptarek to
advised; advise; will advisebinagaam; bag-bagaam; bag-bagaam to
agreed; agree; will agreeiman-nurot; umannurot; umannurot to
allowed; allow; will allowpinalubusan; palubusan; palubusan to
announced; announce; will announcepinak-daaran; pakdaaran; pakdaaran to
apologized; apologize; will apologizenagpakawan; agpakawan; agpakpakawan to
appeared; appear; will appearnagpakita; agpakita; agpakitan to
arranged; arrange; will arrangenagurnos; agurnos; agurnos to
arrived; arrive; will arrivesimmangpet; sumangpet; sumangpet to
asked; ask; will askdinamag; damagek; damagek to
ate; eat; will eatnangan; mangmangan; mangan to
attacked; attack; will attackdinarup; darupen; darupen to
avoided; avoid; will avoidniliklikan; lik-likan; lik-likan to
became; become; will becomenagbalin; agbalin; agbalin to
begun; begin; will beginnagrugin; agrugi; agrugin to
borrowed; borrow; will borrowbimmulod; bumulod; bumulod to
bought; buy; will buygimmatang; gumatang; gumatang to
brought; bring; will bringimpakastoy; ipakastoy; ipakastoy to
built; build; will buildnagaramid; agaramid; agaramid to
calculated; calculate; will calculatekinumpyut; kumpyuten; kumpyuten to
came; come; will comeimmay; umay; umay to
carried; carry; will carrykinarga; kargaen; kargaen to
cheated; cheat; will cheatnagulbod; agulbod; agulbod to
chose, choose, will choosenagpili; agpili; agpilin to
closed; close; will closeinsara; isara; isaran to
compared; compare; will compareinkumpara; ikumpara; ikumparan to
complained; complain; will complainnagreklamo; agreklamo; agreklamon to
continued; continue; will continuenatuloy; matuloy; matuloy to
cried; cry; will crynagsangit; agsangit; agsangit to
decided; decide; will decidenagdesisyon; agdesisyon; agdesisyon to
described; describe; will describeinlaw-lawag; ilaw-lawag; ilaw-lawag to
did; do; will doinaramid; aramiden; aramiden to
disagreed; disagree; will disagreesimiyasi; sumiyasi; sumiyasin to
disappeared; disappear; will disappearnagpukaw; agpukaw; agpukaw to
discovered; discover; will discovernadiskubre; madiskubre; madiskubren to
disliked; dislike; will dislikediak kinayat; diak kayat; diakto kayat
dreamed; dream; will dreamnagarapaap; agarapaap; agarapaap to
earned; earn; will earnnasapulan; masapulan; masapulan to
enjoyed; enjoy; will enjoynagraksak; agragsak; agragsak to
entered; enter; will entersimrek; sumrek; sumrek to
escaped; escape; will escapenaglibas; aglibas; aglibas to
explained; explain; will explainimpalawag; agpalawag; agpalawag to
felt; feel; will feelnarikna; marikna; mariknan to
finished; finish; will finishnalpasen; malpas; malpas to
fled; flee; will fleepimmanaw; pumanaw; pumanaw to
flew; fly; will flytimmayab; tumayab; tumayab to
followed; follow; will followsimmurot; sumurot; sumurot to
forgave; forgive; will forgivepinakawan; pakawanen; pakawanen to
forgot; forget; will forgetnalipatan; malipatan; malipatan to
fought; fight; will fightkimmabil; kumabil; kumabil to
gave; give; will giveinikkan; ikkan; ikkan to
greeted; greet; will greetnagpadayaw; agpadayaw; agpadayaw to
heard; hear; will hearnangngeg; mangngeg; manggeg to
invited; invite; will be invitedinimbitaran; imbitaran; imbitaran to
joined; join; will joinkimmadua; kumadua; kumaduan to
knew; know; will knownaamuan; ammuen; ammuen to
learned; learn; will learnnasur-suro; masur-suro; masur-suron to
left; leave; will leavetimmalaw; tumalaw; tumalaw to
lied; lie; will lienagidda; agidda; agiddan to
listened; listen; will listennag-dengngeg; agdenggeg; agdengngeg to
lost; lose; will be lostnapukaw; mapukaw; mapukaw to
made; make; will makeinubra; ubraen; ubraen to
met; meet; will meetnagkikita; agkikita; agkikitan to
prayed; pray; will praynagkararag; agkararag; agkararag to
preferred; prefer; will preferkinay-kayat; kay-kayat; kay-kayat to
protected; protect; will protectprinotektaran; protektaran; protek taran to
punished; punish; will punishnadusa; madusa; madusan to
received; receive; will receivenaawat; awaten; awaten to
refused; refuse; will refusedina kinayat; dina kayat; dinanto kayat
repeated; repeat; will repeatnaulit; maulit; maulit to
sang; sing; will singnagkanta; agkanta; agkantan to
sat; sit; will sitnagtugaw; agtugaw; agtugaw to
saw; see; will seenakita; makita; makitan to
sent; send; will sendinpatulod; ipatulod; ipatulod to
shrunk; shrink; will shrinknagkuribetbet; agkuribetbet; agkuribetbet to
sold; sell; will sellnailako; ilako; ilakon to
spent; spend; will spendnagastos; magastos; magastos to
spoke; speak; will speaknagsarita; agsarita; agsaritan to
suffered, suffer, will suffernagrigat; agrigat; agrigat to
suggested; suggest; will suggestnaibagak; maibagak; maibagak to
surprised; surprise; will surprisenagsiddaaw; agsiddaaw; agsiddaaw to
talked; talk; will talknagibaga; agibaga; agibagan to
taught; teach; will teachnangisuro; agisuro; agisuron to
thanked; thank; will thanknagyaman; agyaman; agyaman to
thought; think; will thinknagpanunot; agpanunot; agpanunot to
threw; throw; will thrownaitiro; maitiro; maitiron to
told; tell; will tellimbaga; ibaga; ibagan to
took; take; will takeinnala; alaen; alaen to
understood; understand; will understandnaawatan; awaten; awaten to
wanted; want; will wantkinasapulak; kasapulan; kasapulan to
was angry; angry; will be angrynagunget; agunget; agunget to
was beaten; beat; will beatnaabak; maab abak; maabak to
was breathing; breathe; will breathenaganges; aganges; aganges to
was put; put; will put naikua; maikua; maikuan to
was read; read; will readbinasa; basaen; basaen to
watched; watch; will watchminatmatan; matmatan; matmatan to
went; go; will gonapan; mapan; mapan to
wore; wear; will wearinusar; usaren; usaren to
wrote; write; will writenagsurat; agsurat; agsurat to
I liked Kinayat ko
I decidedNagdesisyon nak
I spokeNagsarita ak
I wroteNagsuratak
I droveNagmaneho ak
I lovedInayat ko
I gaveInted ko
I smiledNagisemak
I tookInnalak
he likedKayat na
He decidedNagdesisyon isuna
he spokeNagsarita isuna
he wroteNagsurat isuna
he droveNagmaneho isuna
he lovedInayat na
he gaveNangted isuna
he smiledNagisem isuna
he tookInnala na
we likedKayat mi
we decidedNagdesisyon kami
we spokeNagsarita kami
we wroteNagsurat kami
we droveNagmaneho kami
we lovedInayat mi
we gaveNangted kami
we smiledNagisem kami
we tookInnala mi
I like Kayat ko
I decideAgdesisyonak
I speakAgsaritaak
I writeAgsuratak
I driveAgmaneho ak
I loveAgay-ayatak
I giveMangtedak
I smileAgisemak
I takeAlaek
he likesKayat na
he decidesAgdesisyon isuna
he speaksAgsarita isuna
he writesAgsurat isuna
he drivesAgmaneho ak
he lovesAgay-ayat isuna
he givesMangted isuna
he smilesAgis-isem isuna
he takesMangal-ala isuna
we likeKayat mi
we decideAgdesdesisyon kami
we speakAgsarsarita kami
we writeAgsursurat kami
we driveAgmanmaneho kami
we loveAgay-ayat kami
we giveAgit-ited kami
we smileAgis-isem kami
we takeAl-alaen mi
I will like Kayat kon to
I will decideAgdesisyonak to
I will speakAgsaritaak to
I will writeAgsuratak to
I will driveAgmaneho ak to
I will loveAgayatak to
I will giveMangtedak to
I will smileAgisemak to
I will takeAlaek to
he will likeKayat nan to
he will decideAgdesisyon to isuna
he will speakAgsaritan to isuna
he will writeAgsurat to isuna
he will driveAgmanehon to isuna
he will loveAgayat to isuna
he will giveMangted to isuna
he will smileAgisem to isuna
he will takeMangted to isuna
we will likeKayat min to
we will decideAgdesisyon kamto
we will speakAgsarita kamto
we will writeAgsurat kamto
we will driveAgmaneho kamto
we will loveAgayat kamto
we will giveMangted kamto
we will smileAgisem kamto
we will takeMangala kamto

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