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I don't;I am not; I will notHindi ako
He is not; She is not; He doesn't; She doesn'tHindi siya; Hindi niya
We don't; We are not; We will notHindi kami; Hindi namin
They are not; We will not Hindi sila
ExamplesMga halimbawa
I am not coming.Hindi ako darating.
I will not come.Hindi ako pupunta.
I don't agree with her. Hindi ako sumasang-ayon sa kanya.
He is not coming. Hindi siya darating.
He doesn't agree with her.Hindi siya sumasang-ayon sa kanya.
We don't agree with her.Hindi kami sumasang-ayon sa kanya.
They are not coming.Hindi sila pupunta.
I am not preparing.Hindi ako naghahanda.
I am not giving this to her.Hindi ko ibibigay sa kanya ito.
I am not smiling.Hindi ako ngumingiti.
I will not drive.Hindi ako magmamaneho.
I don't own this phone.Hindi ko pag-aari itong telepono.
I don't speak English.Hindi ako nagsasalita ng Ingles.
I don't know how to write.Hindi ako marunong sumulat.
I don't drive.Hindi ako nagmamaneho.
I don't love her.Hindi ko siya minamahal.
I don't accept.Hindi ako tumatanggap.
He is not preparing.Hindi siya naghahanda.
He is not giving this to her.Hindi niya ibibigay sa kanya ito.
He is not smiling.Hindi siya ngumingiti.
He will not drive.Hindi siya magmamaneho.
He doesn't own this phone.Hindi niya pag-aari itong telepono.
He doesn't speak English.Hindi siya nagsasalita ng Ingles.
He doesn't know how to write.Hindi siya marunong magsulat.
He doesn't drive.Hindi siya nagmamaneho.
He doesn't love her.Hindi niya minamahal.
He doesn't accept.Hindi siya tumatanggap.
We are not preparing.Hindi kami naghahanda.
We are not giving this to her.Hindi namin ibibigay ito sa kanya.
We are not smiling.Hindi kami ngumingiti.
We will not drive.Hindi kami magmamaneho.
We don't own this phone.Hindi namin pag-aari itong telepono.
We don't speak English.Hindi kami nagsasalita ng Ingles.
We don't write.Hindi kami marunong magsulat.
We don't driveHindi kami nagmamaneho.
We don't love.Hindi namin minamahal.
We don't accept.Hindi kami tumatanggap.



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