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English to Tagalog Translations

QuestionsMga Tanong 
why? bakit?
do you?; will you?gusto mo?
can I? will I?puwede ako?
can you?; will you?puwede ba?
are you; is he?; is she?ikaw ba?; siya ba? (he/she = siya)
ExamplesMga halimbawa
How are you going to do this?Paano mo gagawin ito?
When are you going to visit me?Kailan ka bibisita sa akin?
Where are you going?Saan ka pupunta?
What is your name?Ano ang pangalan mo?
Why are you sad?Bakit ka malungkot?
Do you want to come with me?Gusto mo bang sumama sa akin?
Will you come? (gusto)Gusto mo bang sumama?
Will you come? (puwede)Puwedeng sumama ka?
Will you stop doing that?Puwede bang itigil mo iyan?
Can I come?Puwede bang sumama?
Can you come?Puwede bang sumama ka?
Are you going to celebrate your birthday?Ipagdidiwang mo ba ang kaarawan mo?
Is he awake?Gising ba siya?
Is she nervous?Ninenerbiyos ba siya?



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