Basic Filipino Phrases to Use When Travelling to the Philippines

English to Tagalog Translations

Note:  There are many interesting places to see in the Philippines. Manila is the capital city. The roads are narrow and because it is a very populated area, you expect heavy traffic and lots of people walk close to the roads. Outside Manila, traffic is not too bad but many places are still not using the traffic light system.

We are going to the Philippines for a vacation.Magbabakasyon tayo sa Pilipinas.
When are we going to have our vacation?Kailan tayo magbabakasyon?
What are the good places to see in the Philippines?Ano ang mga magagandang lugar sa Pilipinas?
How much is the fare?Magkano ang pamasahe?
What is the weather there?Ano ba ang panahon diyan/doon?
Too hot!Mainit!
What are the things I am bringing?Ano ba ang mga bagay na dapat kong dalhin?
How long is the travel to the Philippines?Gaano kalayo ang biyahe papunta sa Pilipinas?
Where is the embassy?Saan ang embahada?
Where is the information center?Saan ako magtatanong?
Where is the airport?Saan ang paliparan?
I need help for my baggage.Kailangan ko ng magkakarga sa mga bagahe ko.
What hotel can you recommend?Anong hotel ang maipapayo mo?
Where is the rest room?Saan ang palikuran?
Where are we going?Saan ba tayo pupunta?
We are going to the beach.Pupunta tayo sa tabing-dagat.
Let us go to the market.Punta tayo sa tindahan.
Let us go to the beach.Punta tayo sa tabing-dagat.
Let us go to the mountain.Punta tayo sa bundok.
Let us go to the farm.Punta tayo sa bukid.
Where is your house?Saan ang bahay niyo?
Where is the building?Saan ang gusali?
Where are we?Saan na ba tayo?
What is the means of transportation to go there?Ano ba ang sasakyan papunta doon?
Is it far?Malayo ba?
Is it close?Malapit ba?
Too far!Masyadong malayo!
Very close!Sobrang lapit.
Are we turning right?Kakanan ba tayo?
Are we turning left?Kakaliwa ba tayo?
Are we going straight?Dederetso ba tayo?
What is close to your place?Ano ang malapit sa inyo?
How close?Gaano kalapit?
How far?Gaano kalayo?
I am tired.Pagod na ako.
Let us go there early.Punta tayo doon ng maaga.
Let us go faster.Bilisan nating pumunta.
Let us rest for awhile.Magpahinga muna tayo.
What time are we leaving?Anong oras tayo aalis?
What time are we going to arrive there?Anong oras tayo darating doon?
Where can we buy a drink or food?Saan tayo puwedeng bumili ng inumin o pagkain?




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