Useful Basic Filipino Phrases When Shopping

English to Filipino Translation

Note:  It is fun to shop in the Philippines. It is where you can see some of the biggest malls. According to Wikipedia, SM Shopping Malls are listed as Worlds Largest Shopping Malls. There are side street stores, but it is safer to shop in the shopping malls. Many people there love to shop in Divisoria and Baclaran, where you could find cheap stuff, or bargains, but they can be dangerous areas for foreigners. It is safer to explore said areas with someone who knows the place. Everyone (includes the residents) should be careful from snatchers on the streets and some populated areas. Of course, you can always find sincere and nice people who can help out :).

Money; Shopping; Eating outPera; Pamimili; Kakain sa Labas
Where is the store?Saan ang tindahan?
Where will I change my money for a peso?Saan puwedeng magpapalit ng pera sa peso?
How much is the change for a dollar?Magkano ba ang palit ng dolyar?
Where am I going to buy this?Saan ba ako puwede bumili nito?
How much?Magkano?
It is expensive.Mahal ito.
It is cheap.Mura ito.
I have more money.Mayroon/Meron pa akong pera.
I don't have money anymore.Wala na akong pera.
Wait for a moment, please. Sandali lang po.
How much am I paying for this?Magkano ba ang babayaran ko rito?
Is there a discount?Mayroon/Meron bang tawad?
How much is the price for this?Magkano ba ang presyo dito?
This is my pay.Heto ang bayad ko.
Where is the closest restaurant?Saan ba ang malapit na kainan?
Can I order some now?Puwede bang umorder na?
Can I have a napkin please?Pahingi naman po ng pamunas.
Can I have a water please?Pahingi naman po ng inumin.
Delicious!Ang sarap!
Thank you.Salamat.
Where is the rest room?Saan ang palikuran?




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