You are most welcome to contribute your ideas and stories in Learnfilipino.org.  By being a volunteer to the website, you will be of help to the mission of the organization.  Filipinos all over the world are most welcome to contribute.  If you are not a Filipino but have an authentic involvement in a Filipino culture, you are also welcome!  You have the freedom to share yours here!

Skills needed:

>>> Story Contributors – Do you have personal knowledge, ideas or experience (or maybe your neighbor’s experience or one of your family members) to share that depict Filipino? You can share your ideas and materials in the following languages (English, Filipino or Ilocano), but text submitted in Tagalog or Ilocano will be translated in English language for our general readers.  We hope to accommodate other Filipino dialects in the future.

Topics that are of highest priority now are:

  • Just Being Real – This topic will cover a PERSONAL VIEW AND EXPERIENCE on the lifestyle of Filipinos; foods, clothings, education, family/event gatherings, courtship, domestic workers/Filipinos abroad, technology etc.
  • Culture –  Native Clothings, Native foods, Courtship, Weddings, Burial, Fiesta, Other Filipino events,  Ways of Filipinos on other various things
  • Places & Activities to do in the Philippines
  • Interesting places in the Philippines.
  • Interesting places in your town.
  • Fun or interesting things to do in the Philippines.
  • Filipino communities abroad and international news and opinions about Filipino matters.

>>> Photographer/Videographers – You don’t need to be an official photographer to apply for this. Everyone has a passion for selfie shots (the most well-known word in our generation :)). Why not make use of other moments of your shooting be a part of LearnFilipino.  As such, are you willing to showcase your beautiful photos depicting Filipino traits to the whole world?

>>> Editors – Anyone who is in Language studies on English, Tagalog and all other dialects of the Philippines are most welcome.

>>> Translators – For now the website is only in English, Filipino and Ilocano. We need volunteers to help us accommodate other dialects.

Why Do I Need to be a Volunteer?

  • You just love being a Filipino and you can’t help not sharing that you are one.
  • You know the Filipino culture and you have a personal involvement with it.
  • You have a personal experience and opinion on certain topics mentioned above.

Who can be Volunteers?

Whether you are a worker in any field (professional, farmer, fishermen, laborer), a work-at-home person, domestic worker or a student……..YOU ARE ALL WELCOME!

By being a contributor to LearnFilipino, please read the agreement and  fill up the application form below. All materials are subjected to approval by LearnFilipino.


Thank you and Mabuhay!